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Silviana is an an architect with a strong penchant for creating, drawing and discovering new things. Her creativity and constant desire to learn drive her to want to reach a point where her knowledge will help to make a better world…in this case the construction world, and not only.
She has experience in architecture, and she is familiarized with building restoration techniques and design. Silviana is mostly involved in the design part, but also takes decisions in the managerial and strategical aspects of the project.




Larisa is an architect with interests and skills in graphic design, green business, project management and system thinking. She has experience in architecture, building restoration, urban planning and interior design. Her love for new is what drove her to rethink a small but very important part of the construction world. Combined with the desire for bettering the world we live in, she is willing to revolutionize the construction sector. Larisa is a budgetwise person, she is successfully coping with various types of people, and that’s what makes her a good team coordinator. She is also working on design aspects, strategy and marketing.




With expertise in bio-nano-research, Corina is one of the brainiacs of Moveatile. Properties, composition, and structure of substances, the transformations they undergo, and the energy that is released or absorbed during these processes… she knows it all! Her interest in entrepreneurship and her will to change the world into a better place is what made her get out of her laboratory and join the team. Corina is the scientist of the team but she is also involved in all the massive research that undergoes the project.



Marketing specialist

Being assertive and an empath could be hard sometimes, in a cruel world. Not the case if you are part of Moveatile. With her skills in communication, critical thinking and knowledge in marketing, Diana has found the perfect place to belong. Her experience in sustainability, gets her in touch with the decision making when it comes to the main concepts applied at Moveatile. She is also responsible for the story telling of Moveatile.


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